Friday, November 9, 2012

FO Friday 09.11.2012

Last time I was at the markets in Myrtleford I had a few people interested in my drink bottle cosies, however, as usual, I didn't have the colours that they wanted. Fortunately, they weren't backward in coming forward and telling what colours they wanted. Both the ladies that told me told me that they wanted Collingwood colours which are black and white vertical stripes. Since I will be in Myrtleford tomorrow I figured I had better get them done, so here they are.

Drink Bottle Cosies in Collingwood Colours.
 In the meantime, Sue's needles have been busy and she made a pair of booties.

Knitted Pink Booties
She did most of the knitting for these while at the show last Friday and Saturday.

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  1. Nice bottle cosies, even though they were in the stripes of the Pies ;) and love those cute booties!

  2. Visiting from Wisdom Begins in Wonder.

    From the USA, I am unaware of Collingwood colors, so will have to march on over to Google.

    Nice vignette of the little booties.

  3. I love the little booties! Thanks for telling us what Collingwood colors are. :)

  4. Those cozies are really nice. I love mine that I use on my coffee cup.

  5. I love little pink booties. They're so precious.