Saturday, April 30, 2011

The week that was 30/04/2011

It was such a busy week this week that I'm going to give you all a day-by-day account.

Easter Sunday saw us get up before dawn to attend the sunrise service up at East Hill Lookout. It was quite a brisk morning (2°C according to the temperature gauge) but we had a great view and a good little sing-a-long also. We followed that with breakfast at MacDonald's and our regular Sunday service.

Monday was ANZAC Day and the Albury Corps Band joined up with the Wodonga Corps Band at Tallangatta for the ANZAC Day Memorial Service. We would have liked to visit the Hume Dam on the way back but we were a little low on petrol so we'll have to do that another time.

Tuesday was a fairly normal day with the Gym for me in the morning and chiro for Sue in the afternoon.

Neither of us felt like heading over to the gym on Wednesday so we stayed at home and did a bit of housework before lunch and joined a few others at the corps for an afternoon of craft. I ended up with a knotty problem with the Red Heart Boutique that I was knitting with. It seems that it didn't like being pulled from the middle as is my usual way of pulling yarn out of a ball.

Thursday morning we went to have a look at a unit in a retirement village. While we were there we had a lovely talk with some ladies in the common room. They were there to do a bit of knitting and crochet and one offered to teach me how to make squares so I offer to teach her how to make doilies, jug cover, matinee jackets and anything else she might want to make. :)

I went into town on Friday to check out an internet company that I heard may be hiring and might take me on on a part time basis. Unfortunately all the managers were busy so I left my resume and headed up to the TAFE college to see what courses I might be able to take to put some formal qualification with the 17 years of experience that I have. It seems that the best option for me may be a Systems Admin course.

This morning I attended a Men's Prayer Breakfast before helping with the washing. After lunch we went off to the local Spotlight as we heard they were having a knitting party. I was pleasantly surprised that a couple of the ladies recognised me from my Ravelry Avatar and I showed off the yarn that I won from Red Heart. I had managed to untangle it from the knotty problem that it was earlier in the week.

Next week shouldn't be anywhere near as busy (I hope).


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday 27/04/2011

Hi all, another busy week of crochet with a bit of knitting thrown in.

Firstly, the finished objects.

A Small Blue Bunny
It was Sue's idea to make it blue. She figured that we can tell everyone it's cold, and since we're part way through autumn that will kinda work for a little while.

Wine Glass Socks Version 1 plain white

Wine Glass Socks Version 1 with colour band

Wine Glass Socks Version 2 with colour band
I wanted to show all three versions but I'm having trouble with version 3. Either my crochet isn't tight enough or the pattern needs tweaking. I'm thinking of trying to sell the pattern for these and wanted to get photos of each version to put with the patterns. Anybody think that people will buy these?

And, fresh off Sue's needles.

Toddlers Beanie
And now for the WIPs.

Two for the Road Scarf
I'm having some issues involving the 'Lacy Grit Stitch' portion of this scarf. When I switch back to HTR (HDC US) I seem to be losing stitches. I'll figure it out eventually.

Baby's Jacket in mauve
Almost finished this, just need to do the loops for the ribbon, sew in the ends and weave in the ribbon and it will be ready for market.

Knitted Scarf
This one will take a while as I'm a slow knitter and I'm only working on this during craft group which is held once a fortnight. I did manage to at least 6 rows this afternoon.

Toddlers Jacket in Tunisian Crochet
I also managed to add a few rows to this this afternoon.

I still have quite a long to-do list but I have a couple of Saturdays without markets so I should be able to make a small dent in it. After I have figured out what I'm doing wrong with version 3 of the Wine Glass Socks I plan on making a few shopping bags using the pattern that Pat in Tasmania has provided.

I think that's enough from me.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen

We had 2 meetings this morning. Our first meeting was on a hill overlooking the Albury Airport as we watched the sun come up. We managed to get quite a few people up there this morning, and not just from our church. It was a great turnout for such a chilly morning (2°C up on the hill).

For our regular Sunday meeting, the reading came from 1 Corinthians 15:1-3.

This morning we were asked to go back in time and join Mary and the other ladies on their way to the tomb, to walk with them as they looked upon the empty crosses on the hill, to tremble with them as the ground shook, to gaze at the empty tomb with the burial clothes left folded as if the body simply passed through them, to stand with Mary as she talked with Jesus.

How would we react in that situation. We should react in the same way that Mary did, run and tell your friends, Christ is risen!

The challenge this week is to find someone to tell the good news to. Jesus is alive! Hallelujah.

On another note, I was reading a blog written by a resident of Christchurch and she fears that the city is being forgotten by the world because of the disaster in Japan. I fear that Christchurch isn't the only place being forgotten as the victims of the floods in Australia are still trying to recover. The news this week is that the insurance companies aren't going to pay out and the people have work from scratch to try and get their lives back on track. My area of the country wasn't hit very hard (one highway closed because a bridge is unsafe and another reduced to one lane for the same reason) but some areas will take more than a year to recover.

I ask that you keep all the people, the flood victims, the residents of Christchurch, the Japanese, the Libyans and anybody that may be suffering at this time, in your prayers.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

The week that was 23/04/2011

This week has seen us continue our search for more suitable accommodation. It seems that most places around here just have too many steep steps with few have someway to modify them for easy access, but we will keep searching.

Yesterday, being Good Friday, we went to church as usual except that the band wasn't playing. I still played a part in the service as Lt gave me a piece of wood and a hammer. I thought that this was quite ironic seeing as how I'm the son of a carpenter and I was to hit the piece of wood with the hammer to represent that hammering in of the nails when Jesus (considered to be the son of a carpenter) was crucified. After the service we joined other churched is the area for the "Stations of the Cross". This was the first time I had ever participated in this particular ceremony and I found it quite interesting.

Today was market day in Benalla and it didn't go particularly well. Last month few people balked  when told the price of our hanging towels, but today, only one person seemed to think that that was a reasonable price. Ah well, maybe it was just a tourist crowd that were used to being able to buy their hanging towels at a cheaper price. I did manage to sell $48 worth of goods, it's just a pity that the day cost me about $50 (stall fee, petrol, breakfast, etc).

I managed to start another new project today (I know, I already had 7 others on the go). This one is to replace the crest rug which is now finished. It's going to be my special market day project.

Hope you all are having a happy easter.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday 20/04/2011

It was a miserable afternoon for taking photos this afternoon so I will apologize in advance for the poor quality of the pictures.

In the last week I have managed to finish an item that a lady in Benalla asked for.

Baby Shawl
This one took about 35 hours to make so I hope she is willing to pay a good price for it.

I also manage to finish (drum roll please) an item that I have been working on for about 2 years.

Salvation Army Crest Rug
I will try to take a better picture of this on the weekend as the camera in my phone doesn't work well in low light.

Other items that I've worked on this week are :-

Front view of Small Bunny

Rear view of Small Bunny
 This one just needs the facial features and then it will be ready for market.

@ for the Road Scarf
I've reached the second iteration of the grit stitch section.

Baby's Jacket
Still working on the second sleeve of this jacket. I should be able to finish this before next wednesday.

Last night I had a small accident involving the garbage bin (which I still haven't brought in after it was emptied) and the passenger side mirror on the car which is now broken (I thought these thing were supposed to bend backwards and forwards if hit). While searching through the storeroom for something to use for a temporary repair, so that it didn't just flap around in the breeze as we drove along, I found another UFO.

This is a latch-hook rug that I started about 20 years ago and is now probably going to remain a UFO for another 10 years or more. I'm unlikely to get back to this until I stop selling things as the craft stall keeps me too busy.

On another note, my to-do list just grew again this week thanks to Pat from Tasmania ( Many years ago a lady in Canberra showed me a shopping bag that fitted into it's own little pouch. Unfortunately, she didn't have a pattern for it and I haven't, until now, been able to find one myself, but Pat has provided me with a pattern that I can use to make these so it's now on my to-do list. With Pat's permission, I would like to send a copy of the pattern to my friend in Canberra so that she can also add them to her craft stall (not that she doesn't have plenty of things to make each week).

Well, that's all that's been on my hooks this week.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Day of Applause - Palm Sunday

The reading for today came from Luke 19:28-44

The same people that cheered Jesus as he entered Jerusalem were the same ones that called for His crucifixion less than a week later, even His disciples deserted Him.

It's easy to cheer someone on when you're in a crowd but much harder when you're alone. We need to keep cheering for Jesus even when no one else is.

The Gospel is God's good news for salvation, we need to share this with people.

The challenge this week is to share the Gospel with someone.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The week that was 16/04/2011

This week saw us take a trip the Darlington Point (on the Murrumbidgee, just south of Griffith in NSW) to visit the grave site of Sue's parents and younger brother. Sue's elder brother and his wife met us there. We don't get up there very often, the last time being 11 years ago.

We're still looking for more suitable accommodation with Sue's knees getting worse all the time but so far we have been rejected for all the places we've applied for. We had a look at a couple of places this week but neither were suitable due to steep steps and/or high hobs in the shower (one of Sue's difficulties is getting stepping over the shower hob).

I've made good progress with my crochet this week with the Baby Shawl finished today and the Crest Rug almost finished (just need to sew in the ends and block it).

Markets today were at Thurgoona Anglican Church and we had a good day (can't remember the exact amount but it was over $50). This, of course, means that I need to adjust my to-do list to accommodate the things that we sold.

The to-do list now looks something like this:-

Small bunny to replace one sold 3 weeks ago - already started
Wine glass socks to replace set sold today
Fan bookmark to replace one sold today
Hand towels (only have have brown and cream ones left so need to add a bit of colour to that section of the stall.)
More tunisian crochet dishcloths (one of my readers asked to see a tutorial on these but I think it's already been done)
Finish Crest Rug (I've got until October but I would like to get it over and done with)
Tartan rug (about 10% complete)
Sampler scarf (about 25%)
Baby's Jacket (about 90%)
Baby's Bonnet (to go with jacket)
Tunisian Crochet Toddlers Cardigan (Ellen Gormley's pattern - just started)
Knitted Beanie (Red Heart Pattern - just started)
Crochetknit (I think that's what they call it when you use the double-ended hooks) rug (just started)
Tunisian crochet rug (I have the yarn set aside for this and it will replace the crest rug in my craft market bag)
Knitted scarf (Red Heart pattern - to go with beanie)
Crochet Hoodie (Can't afford the wool right now any way)

There's plenty more to be made and lot's of yarn in my stash to make it with. Once I have some of these finished I'll have a look at what's next.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday 13/04/2011

I've done a real silly thing this week. With only one project finished, I started 4 more.

The finished project is the tunisian crochet dishcloth.

I quite like the way this one comes out and I will be looking at my stash to see what other colours I can make it in.

I'm going to do something slightly different with the WIPS this week and give you all an idea of how I work. Next to my lounge chair are 2 projects and my bag of goodies that I take with me pretty much wherever I go. One of those projects is the tartan rug I showed progress on a couple of weeks ago, but it is on hold awaiting completion of another project that I'm hoping to sell next time I'm in Benalla.

Baby's Shawl.
This is my current 'do while watching TV' project.

There are currently 2 projects in my bag of goodies.

Baby's Jacket.
"Two for the Road" Scarf.
The Baby's Jacket is almost complete, and when it is I will start work on a bonnet to go with it. The scarf was started on Saturday and is kind of a sampler as it is made using multiple stitches. I've already done the first seed stitch, ladder stitch and grit stitch sections with each section separated by 2 rows of htr (hdc US). The 4th section is in lacy grit stitch then the pattern is repeated.

I have a bag of stuff that only gets taken to the markets and it contains the float, my fingerless gloves (for use when the weather turns cold and one project.

Salvation Army Crest Rug.
This one is almost finished. I'm going to do one more row before cleaning it up and blocking it. I already have the replacement project for this bag ready to go.

I decided to have a Friday morning project for when I'm at crochet class and I've been itching to use one of my double ended hooks.

It may have been kinda silly to start it this week as we now have a 4 week break so there won't be any progress on this for that period.

Wednesday afternoon craft group has stepped up a bit and is now fortnightly and I decided that I needed 2 projects just so I don't get bored working on one for 2 hours. I've also been itching to get started with the needles, yarn and pattern that I won from Red Heart and the pattern I bought from Ellen Gormley.

Knitted Beanie in Red Heart Boutique.

Toddlers Jacket - pattern by Ellen Gormley.
You should see more of these in a couple of weeks time.

Is 8 projects in production at one time too many?

I have so many more projects that I would to get started on but I will try to show a little restraint and not start them until I finish at least one of these.


Sunday, April 10, 2011


The reading for this weeks came from Phillipians 1:3-8

We said goodbye to a friend this week and this is the first Sunday without him being in our congregation and band. We all learned something new about also. He was also a great encourager.

Relationships are important. There are many people in church that we know little or nothing about, what their gifts or passions are or about their family, yet these are our bothers and sisters in Christ. We should make it our business to at least know their names.

God has put into our heart the desire to be known, to know those around us and to have friends.

If we want to experience joy in our relationships we need to affirm those around us. Some of us are quite good at affirming our friends and family most of the time and sometimes we affirm those that we want something from, but we need to affirm those around us even when there is nothing material to be gained from it.

Paul encouraged the Phillipians to enjoy each other.

The challenge this week is to find someway to encourage and affirm the people around you.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

The week that was 09/04/2011

Things didn't all go well this week. We got the news on Monday that one of our bandsmen passed away on Sunday and we had the funeral yesterday. It was the first time I have ever farewelled an active bandsman. Things just aren't going to be the same without his "Naked Lady".

On the crochet front, I managed to finish one project and started 2 more. My tunisian crochet dishcloth is finished and I'm still deciding what colour the next one will be, and I started a scarf and another blanket. The scarf is in the same wool as the beanie I finished last week (I like to have scarves to go with my beanies even if nobody want to buy them as a pair) and the blanket is an experiment using double ended hooks (I picked up the pattern at the same time as I bought the hook).

We went out to Myrtleford this morning to see if we could sell a few items and that's about as much as we managed to sell, a few items. One towel, one jug cover, one doily and one coaster for a total of $23. With the cost of the stall and the petrol to get there I think we went backwards. Ah well, I've done worse, and there were a few that indicated that they would be back next month (I've heard that before) so se'll wait and see what happens then.

This week I'll be starting another project (I know I should finish some off first but ...) with the church craft group now meeting once a fortnight, but there's no crochet class to teach on Friday as it's taking a 4 week holiday. Next Saturday we will be at Thurgoona for the Anglican Church's craft market. It's a lot closer and the stall doesn't cost as much so we don't need to sell as much to make a profit, it's just a pity it's only on every second month and the two previous markets were washed out.

The to-do list remains the same as last week, so I won't bother with an update.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday 06/04/2011

Time for another round up of what's on and off my hooks this week.

I'll start with a couple of completed items.

Beanie in Self striping wool.
I quite like the way this wool stripes, although it does look better knitted.

Baby's Ensemble in Pink to fit newborn.
Hopefully the lady that ordered this will come and pick it up next time we're in Benalla.

The lady that wanted the ensemble above also asked about getting a Baby's Shawl, so I did a bit of a search a found something that I hope is suitable. She want it in white with patches of colour.

Baby's Shawl in white with flecks of colour.

I have also made a bit of progress on the Baby's Jacket.

Baby's Jacket in mauve.
And almost finished the dishcloth.

Dishcloth in Tricot (Tunisian Crochet).
Just need to stitch up the seam and do a double crochet (US single crochet) border.

I have added another round to the crest rug but didn't think it worth taking a photo as the progress is a little difficult to see with only one round. The tartan rug, however, is on hold until I complete the shawl and replace the bunny that I sold at the last markets.

While I have plenty of projects to keep me going for a little while I'm still itching to start a few more. I want to try and use the double ended hooks I recently bought (I picked up a pattern for a rug at the same time), the pointy sticks (yes, I do know haw to use them) and yarn I won from Red Heart, a child's sweater in tricot (a pattern I bought from Ellen Gormley) and another tricot blanket (I bought the yarn ages ago and it's just sitting there).

That's enough for this week.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

My house will be called a house of prayer

The reading for today's sermon came from Mark 11:15-17

We're used to seeing Jesus on the cross or as the good shepherd, but this passage show another side of Jesus.

The vendors had increased their prices in order to take advantage of their position, the money changers were doing similar, so Jesus got angry with them and taught them the error of their ways.

Our motivation for doing God's work is important. We shouldn't do it for personal gain. Our churches need to be houses of prayer.

Today I stood to show that I wanted to be a prayer warrior for my church. I pray that I can live up to that promise.


Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Week that was 02/04/2011

Another busy week has passed and now it's time to look back at what I've done.

I've managed to take one item off my to-do list but added another. The baby's ensemble that was ordered last Saturday is now complete (pictures on Wednesday as normal) but when I rang to ask what size she wanted the lady asked if I could do a baby's shawl also, so now I'm working on it. I just hope that I have enough of the yarn she wanted for this as I can't buy it anymore.

The rest of the week has been filled with aqua aerobics, gym, shopping, viewing potential dwelling places, the odd visit to the doctors and chiro, and watching TV.

We didn't go to markets this week as the nearest market on today was just too far away.

I won't rehash my to-do list this week as it is pretty much the same as last week with just a change to the first item. If you're really interested, here's a link -