Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday 27/04/2011

Hi all, another busy week of crochet with a bit of knitting thrown in.

Firstly, the finished objects.

A Small Blue Bunny
It was Sue's idea to make it blue. She figured that we can tell everyone it's cold, and since we're part way through autumn that will kinda work for a little while.

Wine Glass Socks Version 1 plain white

Wine Glass Socks Version 1 with colour band

Wine Glass Socks Version 2 with colour band
I wanted to show all three versions but I'm having trouble with version 3. Either my crochet isn't tight enough or the pattern needs tweaking. I'm thinking of trying to sell the pattern for these and wanted to get photos of each version to put with the patterns. Anybody think that people will buy these?

And, fresh off Sue's needles.

Toddlers Beanie
And now for the WIPs.

Two for the Road Scarf
I'm having some issues involving the 'Lacy Grit Stitch' portion of this scarf. When I switch back to HTR (HDC US) I seem to be losing stitches. I'll figure it out eventually.

Baby's Jacket in mauve
Almost finished this, just need to do the loops for the ribbon, sew in the ends and weave in the ribbon and it will be ready for market.

Knitted Scarf
This one will take a while as I'm a slow knitter and I'm only working on this during craft group which is held once a fortnight. I did manage to at least 6 rows this afternoon.

Toddlers Jacket in Tunisian Crochet
I also managed to add a few rows to this this afternoon.

I still have quite a long to-do list but I have a couple of Saturdays without markets so I should be able to make a small dent in it. After I have figured out what I'm doing wrong with version 3 of the Wine Glass Socks I plan on making a few shopping bags using the pattern that Pat in Tasmania has provided.

I think that's enough from me.


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  1. I am amazed at the amount of knitting and crochet you and Sue make Well done...
    I like the idea of "wine glass socks" why not print out the pattern for the market ..??
    I love the Blue Rabbit, and why not have many colours, I am all for it..
    Have a blessed week :))