Saturday, April 9, 2011

The week that was 09/04/2011

Things didn't all go well this week. We got the news on Monday that one of our bandsmen passed away on Sunday and we had the funeral yesterday. It was the first time I have ever farewelled an active bandsman. Things just aren't going to be the same without his "Naked Lady".

On the crochet front, I managed to finish one project and started 2 more. My tunisian crochet dishcloth is finished and I'm still deciding what colour the next one will be, and I started a scarf and another blanket. The scarf is in the same wool as the beanie I finished last week (I like to have scarves to go with my beanies even if nobody want to buy them as a pair) and the blanket is an experiment using double ended hooks (I picked up the pattern at the same time as I bought the hook).

We went out to Myrtleford this morning to see if we could sell a few items and that's about as much as we managed to sell, a few items. One towel, one jug cover, one doily and one coaster for a total of $23. With the cost of the stall and the petrol to get there I think we went backwards. Ah well, I've done worse, and there were a few that indicated that they would be back next month (I've heard that before) so se'll wait and see what happens then.

This week I'll be starting another project (I know I should finish some off first but ...) with the church craft group now meeting once a fortnight, but there's no crochet class to teach on Friday as it's taking a 4 week holiday. Next Saturday we will be at Thurgoona for the Anglican Church's craft market. It's a lot closer and the stall doesn't cost as much so we don't need to sell as much to make a profit, it's just a pity it's only on every second month and the two previous markets were washed out.

The to-do list remains the same as last week, so I won't bother with an update.


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