Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday 13/04/2011

I've done a real silly thing this week. With only one project finished, I started 4 more.

The finished project is the tunisian crochet dishcloth.

I quite like the way this one comes out and I will be looking at my stash to see what other colours I can make it in.

I'm going to do something slightly different with the WIPS this week and give you all an idea of how I work. Next to my lounge chair are 2 projects and my bag of goodies that I take with me pretty much wherever I go. One of those projects is the tartan rug I showed progress on a couple of weeks ago, but it is on hold awaiting completion of another project that I'm hoping to sell next time I'm in Benalla.

Baby's Shawl.
This is my current 'do while watching TV' project.

There are currently 2 projects in my bag of goodies.

Baby's Jacket.
"Two for the Road" Scarf.
The Baby's Jacket is almost complete, and when it is I will start work on a bonnet to go with it. The scarf was started on Saturday and is kind of a sampler as it is made using multiple stitches. I've already done the first seed stitch, ladder stitch and grit stitch sections with each section separated by 2 rows of htr (hdc US). The 4th section is in lacy grit stitch then the pattern is repeated.

I have a bag of stuff that only gets taken to the markets and it contains the float, my fingerless gloves (for use when the weather turns cold and one project.

Salvation Army Crest Rug.
This one is almost finished. I'm going to do one more row before cleaning it up and blocking it. I already have the replacement project for this bag ready to go.

I decided to have a Friday morning project for when I'm at crochet class and I've been itching to use one of my double ended hooks.

It may have been kinda silly to start it this week as we now have a 4 week break so there won't be any progress on this for that period.

Wednesday afternoon craft group has stepped up a bit and is now fortnightly and I decided that I needed 2 projects just so I don't get bored working on one for 2 hours. I've also been itching to get started with the needles, yarn and pattern that I won from Red Heart and the pattern I bought from Ellen Gormley.

Knitted Beanie in Red Heart Boutique.

Toddlers Jacket - pattern by Ellen Gormley.
You should see more of these in a couple of weeks time.

Is 8 projects in production at one time too many?

I have so many more projects that I would to get started on but I will try to show a little restraint and not start them until I finish at least one of these.



  1. Saw your link on twitter :)
    That Tunisian dishcloth is amazing!

  2. Where did you get the pattern for the dishcloth Richard,
    I think it is so unusual..
    Lots of project there, but looking good :))

  3. I saw the dishcloth on someone's blog with a description on how it was made and basically made it up from that. I can't remember whose blog it was though.

  4. I really like these, I want to learn to crochet. Would be great to see pictures of all the steps :D