Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is Risen

We had 2 meetings this morning. Our first meeting was on a hill overlooking the Albury Airport as we watched the sun come up. We managed to get quite a few people up there this morning, and not just from our church. It was a great turnout for such a chilly morning (2°C up on the hill).

For our regular Sunday meeting, the reading came from 1 Corinthians 15:1-3.

This morning we were asked to go back in time and join Mary and the other ladies on their way to the tomb, to walk with them as they looked upon the empty crosses on the hill, to tremble with them as the ground shook, to gaze at the empty tomb with the burial clothes left folded as if the body simply passed through them, to stand with Mary as she talked with Jesus.

How would we react in that situation. We should react in the same way that Mary did, run and tell your friends, Christ is risen!

The challenge this week is to find someone to tell the good news to. Jesus is alive! Hallelujah.

On another note, I was reading a blog written by a resident of Christchurch and she fears that the city is being forgotten by the world because of the disaster in Japan. I fear that Christchurch isn't the only place being forgotten as the victims of the floods in Australia are still trying to recover. The news this week is that the insurance companies aren't going to pay out and the people have work from scratch to try and get their lives back on track. My area of the country wasn't hit very hard (one highway closed because a bridge is unsafe and another reduced to one lane for the same reason) but some areas will take more than a year to recover.

I ask that you keep all the people, the flood victims, the residents of Christchurch, the Japanese, the Libyans and anybody that may be suffering at this time, in your prayers.


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  1. I think most of the world has forgotten what Easter is all about...
    It is so easy to get caught up in the business of our own lives and the world, to remember what Easter means to us..
    I know what it means to me, He died and rose again that I might have eternal life :))