Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday 06/04/2011

Time for another round up of what's on and off my hooks this week.

I'll start with a couple of completed items.

Beanie in Self striping wool.
I quite like the way this wool stripes, although it does look better knitted.

Baby's Ensemble in Pink to fit newborn.
Hopefully the lady that ordered this will come and pick it up next time we're in Benalla.

The lady that wanted the ensemble above also asked about getting a Baby's Shawl, so I did a bit of a search a found something that I hope is suitable. She want it in white with patches of colour.

Baby's Shawl in white with flecks of colour.

I have also made a bit of progress on the Baby's Jacket.

Baby's Jacket in mauve.
And almost finished the dishcloth.

Dishcloth in Tricot (Tunisian Crochet).
Just need to stitch up the seam and do a double crochet (US single crochet) border.

I have added another round to the crest rug but didn't think it worth taking a photo as the progress is a little difficult to see with only one round. The tartan rug, however, is on hold until I complete the shawl and replace the bunny that I sold at the last markets.

While I have plenty of projects to keep me going for a little while I'm still itching to start a few more. I want to try and use the double ended hooks I recently bought (I picked up a pattern for a rug at the same time), the pointy sticks (yes, I do know haw to use them) and yarn I won from Red Heart, a child's sweater in tricot (a pattern I bought from Ellen Gormley) and another tricot blanket (I bought the yarn ages ago and it's just sitting there).

That's enough for this week.


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  1. Love the baby outfit so cute :)
    I spent a couple of hours pulling undone a baby shawl that was not working out for me.. :((
    Never mind I will not give up LOL
    Have a great week :))