Saturday, April 30, 2011

The week that was 30/04/2011

It was such a busy week this week that I'm going to give you all a day-by-day account.

Easter Sunday saw us get up before dawn to attend the sunrise service up at East Hill Lookout. It was quite a brisk morning (2°C according to the temperature gauge) but we had a great view and a good little sing-a-long also. We followed that with breakfast at MacDonald's and our regular Sunday service.

Monday was ANZAC Day and the Albury Corps Band joined up with the Wodonga Corps Band at Tallangatta for the ANZAC Day Memorial Service. We would have liked to visit the Hume Dam on the way back but we were a little low on petrol so we'll have to do that another time.

Tuesday was a fairly normal day with the Gym for me in the morning and chiro for Sue in the afternoon.

Neither of us felt like heading over to the gym on Wednesday so we stayed at home and did a bit of housework before lunch and joined a few others at the corps for an afternoon of craft. I ended up with a knotty problem with the Red Heart Boutique that I was knitting with. It seems that it didn't like being pulled from the middle as is my usual way of pulling yarn out of a ball.

Thursday morning we went to have a look at a unit in a retirement village. While we were there we had a lovely talk with some ladies in the common room. They were there to do a bit of knitting and crochet and one offered to teach me how to make squares so I offer to teach her how to make doilies, jug cover, matinee jackets and anything else she might want to make. :)

I went into town on Friday to check out an internet company that I heard may be hiring and might take me on on a part time basis. Unfortunately all the managers were busy so I left my resume and headed up to the TAFE college to see what courses I might be able to take to put some formal qualification with the 17 years of experience that I have. It seems that the best option for me may be a Systems Admin course.

This morning I attended a Men's Prayer Breakfast before helping with the washing. After lunch we went off to the local Spotlight as we heard they were having a knitting party. I was pleasantly surprised that a couple of the ladies recognised me from my Ravelry Avatar and I showed off the yarn that I won from Red Heart. I had managed to untangle it from the knotty problem that it was earlier in the week.

Next week shouldn't be anywhere near as busy (I hope).


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  1. Busy indeed, lets hope it is all crafty with a little bit of that other work thrown in :))