Sunday, April 10, 2011


The reading for this weeks came from Phillipians 1:3-8

We said goodbye to a friend this week and this is the first Sunday without him being in our congregation and band. We all learned something new about also. He was also a great encourager.

Relationships are important. There are many people in church that we know little or nothing about, what their gifts or passions are or about their family, yet these are our bothers and sisters in Christ. We should make it our business to at least know their names.

God has put into our heart the desire to be known, to know those around us and to have friends.

If we want to experience joy in our relationships we need to affirm those around us. Some of us are quite good at affirming our friends and family most of the time and sometimes we affirm those that we want something from, but we need to affirm those around us even when there is nothing material to be gained from it.

Paul encouraged the Phillipians to enjoy each other.

The challenge this week is to find someway to encourage and affirm the people around you.