Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday WIPs - 22.10.2014

It has been another slow week on the crafting front. I have had a couple of days when I haven't felt much like doing anything and pretty much fell asleep in front of the TV. Here is a quick run down of how my week has been since last Wednesday.

On Thursday I managed to spend time making my weekly Trauma Teddy, which I have already shown on Friday, while preparing for a hospital visit that was to take place on Friday.

On Friday, while in the Hospital waiting room, I managed to work on a couple of items. When I checked on my Tunisian Spiral Blanket I found that I needed the pale orange that I was using on one of the squares for the Yarn Eater Blanket so I decided to free up that yarn by finishing the rounds that I had started.

Yarn Eater Blanket
After that I was free to continue the Tunisian Spiral Blanket and managed to make a couple of colour changes before it was my turn to go into theatre.

Tunisian Spiral Blanket
I didn't do much of anything on Saturday. It wasn't that I couldn't do anything (other than drive or operate heavy machinery), I just didn't feel much like doing anything.

I kinda forced myself to get the Baby Blanket out on Sunday so that I didn't have two unproductive days in a row, and I did manage to finish the row of octagons that I started last week.

Woollen Baby Blanket - motifs from Ellen Gormley's book.
On Monday I decided to get the Rugby Jumper out and start on the front.

Rugby Jumper
I didn't really get a lot done before I decided I didn't want to do any more and switched to knitting a beanie.

Ribbed Beanie
Yesterday was another slack day and I didn't work on anything in spite of having quite a few projects that I could have worked on.

Today I managed to work on this week's Trauma Teddy and will show the finished product on Friday.

If you want to see what other people have been working on this week just click on the links in the sidebar.


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  1. Wow, you had a really productive "slow" week :D
    I love all your projects. The tunisian blanket looks very fun to make.