Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday FOs - 26.05.2017

Well, two weeks ago I didn't finish anything so didn't have anything to show, last week I had something finished, took photos, then forgot to post, so this week you get two weeks of finished.

Trauma Teddy #17 for 2017
The first one finished last week and still in Salvation Army colours.

Trauma Teddy #18 for 2017
I started this one on SES volunteer appreciation day so he is wearing orange in their honour.

Small Jug Cover
I think this is #4 for this year.

Trauma Teddy #19 for 2017
This is technically last week's bear but I didn't finish it in time for last Friday. I have started on this week but it's currebtly sitting on the table next to me waiting to be finished.

Jug Cover #5 for 2017
Jug Cover #6 for 2017
With these two jug covers I think I have enough small ones now so I will move onto medium size ones.

I still have a number of items that are close to being finished but they're still packed in boxes somewhere. I got news this week that the college I was studying through has gone into voluntary liquidation so I guess I will have a bit more time to sort things out and find all my projects now.

That's it from me for this week. I hope you all have a good one.


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