Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday WIPs - 09.08.2017

I thought it was about time I posted some progress photos so here are some of the items that I have been working on recently.

Story Time Blanket
This one has seen the most progress this year as I have been working on it during crochet class. Fortunately, most of my students don't need a lot of help so I get plenty of time for this.

Tunisian Spiral Blanket
This one is still my goto project when I'm sitting in waiting rooms. It's almost big enough to start thinking about the border.

An Owl
I would like to make a few of these before my next market, which should be later this month.

That's it for my WIPs this week. All the other projects I have worked on recently are now finished so come back on Friday and you might get to see some more (if I remember to post).


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