Friday, November 18, 2011

FO Friday 18-11-2011

Another Friday has arrived and all I have is a couple of Teapot Cosies that I finished this week.

These teapot cosies were ordered by one of my on-line customers and I'm just waiting for her to pay for them before I ship them off.

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  1. They're each so cute in their own way!! That purple one is so cheery!

  2. They are lovely, RIchard. I especially like the brightly coloured one - that would make even the earliest of mornings bearable!

  3. Love the colours.. Your work is great :))

  4. As a person who just heats water in the kettle and uses a tea bag, I really do need to teapot cozies really help with keeping the teapot warm, or would it just be easier to get one of those tealight-heating-doodies?

    I think it's awesome that you custom-make them for people. They look great!

  5. I do like the flowers & leaves on the top :-)