Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday 09-11-2011

Another Wednesday and plenty of progress happening here.

I was planning on making a start on Australiana2.0 this week but an email that I received on Friday meant a change of plans. The lady that I sold a couple of teapot cosies to a couple of months ago ordered 2 more, so I put aside my plans in order to get these made up as quickly as possible.

She asked for one to be tan with pastel coloured flowers.

Tan Teapot Cosy with pastel flowers
And the other to be deep purple with bright coloured flowers.

Deep Purple Teapot Cosy with flowers yet to be made
I am making quite good progress with these and should have them ready for the post on Monday. I just hope the weather doesn't get too sticky like it has been the last couple of days. It's very had the crochet with acrylic in this sort of weather.

Other projects that have seen progress this week are :-

Rose dress tartan
I have finished the mesh part of this project and will be putting this aside until the weather cools. It is far too hot to work on this already and we haven't even hit summer yet.

Toddlers Jacket in Tunisian Crochet (Zoom by Ellen Gormley)
I started on the sleeve because I figured it would be easier to work on it flat although the next jacket I do I might try doing the sleeves in the round to avoid seams altogether.

Front of Hoodie
The heat doesn't seem to slow me down with this one. Maybe that's because it's wool and not acrylic. I just wish I could afford wool for all my projects.

Knitted Scarf
This is now longer than I am tall but I still have another ball of yarn to add to it. The ladies at our church craft group reckon I should keep knitting until I run out and make a scarf that rivals Dr Who's for length.

Crochenit Cot Blanket
I'm still plugging away at this at crochet class, but only when I'm not teaching.

I have a market this Saturday so that will give me a bit more crochet time, although I'm not sure which project to take since the weather is getting so warm. I'm sure I will have some more progress to show next week in any case.

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  1. Your projects are coming along nicely. The tea cozies are very cute so far!

  2. Wow you have a lot going on! And all very nice projects!

  3. As usual, a stunning amount of progress! I like the flowers for the tea cozy; that's going to be really cute. And the scarf is looking great! I like mine really long so I can wrap them around my neck at least once.

  4. Gorgeous colour changes through the knitted scarf! I'm in complete agreement with the ladies at the church - keep going til the yarn's gone!

  5. Wow, you have a lot of projects going and actually seem to be making progress with each! I love the tartan.