Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday 02-11-2011

This has been quite a productive week, especially since I volunteered to sit in the craft hall of the local show and keep an eye on the exhibits. I couldn't not take any projects with now could I?

I took 3 projects with me and spent most of the time I was there (3 hours on Friday and 8 hours on Saturday) working on them. Here are the projects I have worked on this week (that aren't yet finished).

Front of Hoodie (Dawg by Drew Emborski)

As you can see, I have reached the arm shaping. Another 28 rows and I will reach the neck.

Crochenit Cot Blanket
I managed to start the next colour but kept having trouble with stitches falling off the other end of the hook because I wasn't paying attention to how full the hook was getting. If I had been watching I could have managed a couple more rows.

Toddler's Jacket - pattern by Ellen Gormley (GoCrochet)
I'm making quite good progress with this and am thinking I should have used a longer cable. I will be up to the part where the sleeves separate from the body shortly and that will relieve the pressure.

Rose Dress Tartan Rug
I have even managed to find some tome to work on this one and have almost finished the mesh. My biggest problem now is that we're getting closer to summer and the weather is warming up and it's getting to warm to work on this. Once I've finished the mesh I'm going to put it aside until April when the weather starts to cool down.

The Tunisian Mitred Square Blanket is currently hanging out to dry. I don't have any blocking mats so I'm hoping that stretching it out across the clothes line will do the job. If it doesn't then I will have to resort to my previous method of ironing it flat. I any case, I will post a picture on Friday.

I have also finished stiffening the angel. I'm not sure that I did a great job of this, but it was my first attempt at stiffening crocheted fabric. I still have to do the bells but I will have to play around with some paper mache first (I can't find and bell forms big enough so I going to have to make my own).

Another thing I have been working on is a new Australiana pattern. I made this one a couple of years ago and now I have redesigned it and am ready to make Australiana2.0. I also plan on doing table runners for each state and territory in Australia but I'm having a little trouble finding the inspiration needed for this.

I will be back on Friday with pictures of my finished objects as well as some pictures of my entries for this year's Albury Show. In the meantime, check out Tami's Amis for more WIP Wednesday goodness.



  1. Everything is looking lovely! You are so busy!

  2. It would have been simply irresponsible to not take projects with you. =) Excellent progress, as usual!

  3. What a gorgeous table runner! Not sure I have the patience for all that filet crochet, though I always admire it when I see it.

    Love the yarn colour for the toddler's jacket!

  4. You were very busy!! I love the Tartan Rug. Great colours.