Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans - 08.02.2014

All the usual activities are starting up again. Everyone thinks that the new year starts at the beginning of January but the first full week of February is when things really get started.

We had the Mirambeena Activities Group Open Day on Monday. This is the day that all the tutors sit around trying to sign up students for the new year. If the classes can get six of more students then the tutors can actually get paid. We got one and a half for the crochet class. One of our regular crocheters is going to join us again. I'm not sure if she actually wants to learn something or if she is just going to sit and crochet with us. The other is the tutor for the light exercise class. Since her class finishes at about 10:30 she figures she can sit in on another class and has expressed an interest in learning Tunisian (I think she want to make a spiral blanket like the one I've just about finished).

Sue has started going back to the pool in an effort to lose a bit of weight. I guess that means that I had better start walking around the block so I can keep up with her.

Band practice had its first session for the year on Thursday night. Not particularly exciting for most people but it does help us get our heads around the tunes we're expected to play on Sunday morning.

This morning I was back in Myrtleford to try and sell my wares. It was a very quiet morning and a couple of us didn't manage to sell anything. I'm glad I wasn't alone with that. Next month there is a festival on that weekend and we will be in competition with two other markets in the same town. It's usual a busy morning so I'm hoping it will be again.

That's been my week this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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