Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans - 31.05.2014

This week has been about getting back to normal (whatever that may be) after the business of Red Shield. I'm not real sure what normal is at the moment or what it should be since my recent diagnosis. It seems to involve checking my blood sugar twice a day and losing weight, at least that's what the doctor would like to see.

Since I have to change my lifestyle a bit in an effort to control my diabetes I have started an exercise program. It's one I found on the internet. It involves 9 exercises, each one done for 50 seconds, so it's only a short program. The first day I did it I was puffing like an old steam train after the first 50 seconds. I intend to keep it up for a while, hopefully extending it with other exercises as my fitness improves. I will see how it goes.

I saw the diabetics educator this week and she wants to see all my BL figures also. So far they are up and down like a yo-yo, but that is to be expected apparently. She gave me some reading material which explains where my readings should be and a few other facts about diabetes and I am slowly reading through them. I get to see the dietitian next time I go so we will see what she says.

Other than the stuff I have to do because of my diabetes and my crochet and knitting there isn't much else happening around here so that's about it for this week.


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  1. I had a friend who was heavily over weight and had type 2 diabetes. He went on The Slimming World diet. He lost 4 stone and is no longer diabetic. I think the main principle is you have smaller amount of carbs and protein but double the amount of veg. The only exercise he does is a leisurely 30 min walk a day. I hope you get everything sorted!