Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday WIPs - 14.05.2014

A busy week just gone and another to look forward to, I just need to decide what projects I'm going to take with me where ever I go. That means that there has been plenty of progress on all my WIPs this week. I ran into a small problem with our main camera this afternoon, it ran out of battery, so I had to switch to our backup which is older and lower resolution, but it still takes reasonable photos.

 Here is how my WIPs looked at 4pm today.

Handkerchief with Border
I forgot to take my blanket with me to crochet class last Friday so I spent the whole time working on this. It is looking like I may be a little tight but I'm sure it will block out.

Cheval Set
I'm up to round 10 of the last doily.

Knooked Scarf
Just got past the third set of special extended stitches. It isn't looking too bad but it would be better if the stitches stood out more. it will still match the beanie I made earlier though.

Woollen Baby Blanket
While I didn't take it to crochet class like I normally do I still found time to add another couple of squares to this. I managed to find someone that sells the yarn I'm using for this and bought some of it but I got the wrong pink so I guess I will just mix it up a bit to make it look like I meant to do it.

Matinee Jacket in Blue
The first sleeve is now finished. I wasn't sure about it because it looks quite big but it is the same as the one I made earlier while I still had the pattern so it must be right.

Murray of Athol Tartan Rug
I managed to spend a bit of time on this one and got to the next set of colour changes.

Tunisian Lace Wrap
Two hours in a waiting room meant that I had plenty of time to work on this one.

Toddler's Jacket - Zoom by Ellen Gormley
I even managed to do a bit of this while I was waiting and showed one of the other patients how to do the 'X' stitch.

Small White Bunny
I gotta have at least one toy on the go and I have been meaning to replace the one I sold quite a while ago so now I have started it.

That's it for my WIPs this week. Be sure to check back on Friday to see what I have managed to finish. In the mean time, check out the links in the sidebar to see what others have been making.



  1. I am always in awe, so many projects that are all so beautiful.

  2. You are one busy bee!! I am in awe of how much you do!