Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday WIPs - 04.06.2014

This week has been a bit of a different week as far as my projects go. I was given a couple of items to finish off for someone else and that kinda made it difficult for me to get as much done on my other projects as I would have liked. As a result of this one project didn't get worked on at all but it's not one that would normally show up as a WIP anyway as I normally manage to finish one or two of these in a week. What this means is that there will be extra FOs on Friday. In the mean time, here are my WIPs.

Handkerchief Border
I'm about halfway with the round of picots. I'm finding working picots in #40 cotton a bit tedious so I'm taking it a bit slow. It will be another couple of weeks before this is ready for blocking.

Woollen Baby Blanket - motifs from Ellen Gormley's book
A couple more octagons have been added. Still quite slow by my standards. I might have to consider not starting anything new until I have finished this.

Toddler's Jacket - Zoom by Ellen Gormley
I made a concerted effort to add 8 rows to this one. If I can add 8 rows each week I will be happy.

Matinee Jacket
Now that I have finished with the body and made a start on the yoke this is looking less like a blanket and more like a jacket.

Murray of Athol Tartan Rug
Just a few more rows on the mesh and then I start make and weaving in the chains.

Tunisian Lace Wrap
You probably can't see what I have added to this as it was only a row and a bit. That was all I had time to do while in the podiatrists waiting room.

Small Bunny
The second half of the body is finished and two halves on the ears are done. I think I was a bit ambitious in thinking I could get this finished this week. Maybe one more session.

Knooked Scarf
I almost forgot to take a photo of this one as it was kinda hiding under my bag of stuffing. I actually added 24 rows to this which included the special stitch rows.

That's it for this week. I will have some finished items to show you on Friday so be sure to check back then to see what I've got done. In the mean time, check out the links in the sidebar to see what others are making.


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  1. Lovely projects. I love the colours of the blanket and toddlers jacket is coming along nicely.