Friday, June 27, 2014

FO Friday - 27.06.2014

Sorry for the late posting, I actually forgot to do this last night so it's Saturday morning here. It's still Friday in some parts of the world so I guess it's not too late.

Anyhow, here are my FOs for this week.

Handkerchief Border
I probably should have ironed this but the is still some embroidery to be done on it so I have handed back to the activities group organiser to handle that bit.

Matinee Jacket
I think I have plenty of blue jackets now so I will do a couple of ensembles to finish off all the boys clothes. I noticed that I didn't actually have anything in pink when I last took the stall out but I do have plenty in other girly colours. I have too much to do at the moment to worry about pink stuff but I'm sure I will get around to it eventually.

Small Bunny
This one will complete my selection of bunnies. It comes in three sizes and now I have one of each.

Trauma Teddy #42
I have kinda lost count of how many of these I have done this year but there are now 42 pictured on my Ravelry project page for these.

Knitted Trauma Teddies #5 and #6
The lady that knits these is now giving me the yarn to sew them up so the stitching isn't as noticeable as it has been.

That's it for this week. Check out the links in the sidebar to see what others have been making.


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  1. Wow what an amazing group of finishes you have this week. I love them all. The little blue jacket is beautiful!