Saturday, June 14, 2014

Saturday Shenanigans - 14.06.2014

This has been another up and down week. I haven't done my exercises as often as I should and I have been having trouble finding my crochet/knitting/knooking mojo. I seem to be too easily distracted by things I find on the internet and my tablet games. I haven't even got around to finishing off the photos from last year's holiday.

What I did do this week included making up a couple of hanging towels, making a trauma teddy and finishing two others that someone else knitted, singing at a concert at an old people's home and attending a knitting party at our local Spotlight.

On another note, my blood sugar levels have been going up and down like a yo-yo. I'm not sure if this is normal at this point in time but I'm sure the diabetes educator, dietitian and doctor will eventually tell me. Since I haven't been given a strict diet to follow or medication to keep it under control I guess I will have to wait and see.

I was originally planning on spending the day in Barnawatha with the ladies of the North East Victoria Yarn Lovers but we didn't get up until late and didn't get out of the house until after 1pm so we opted for the knitting party at Spotlight instead. There were a few of the regulars there and I we met a a couple of new people. We tried to get some of them interested in our Craft'n'Cuppa or the Friday morning crochet classes but time will tell if we were successful.

That's about it from me for this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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