Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday WIPs - 06.05.2015

It looks like I have been very busy this week, but it doesn't really feel that way. I have worked on most of my projects and even started a couple of new ones.  Here are all the projects that I have worked on.

Woollen Baby Blanket - motifs by Ellen Gormley 
I managed to finish the last row of squares and start on the last row of octagons.

Sht Butterfly Baby Jacket 
The first sleeve is growing slowly but it is growing.

Double Knit Butterfly side one 

Double Knit Butterfly side two 
I finished the first of my double knit squares.  I probably should have used a different colour as the butterfly doesn't show up really well.

Two Monkeys 
One of the new projects is actually two. I have  had a couple of requests for these so figured I might as well make two at the same time.

Child's Beanie 
One of the ladies at church wants a beanie for her son but didn't like the ones I had available so I'm making another.

Moogly CAL Square #9 
I didn't get much of this done.  Hopefully I will be able to finish it before the next square comes out.

Tunisian Spiral Blanket 
I had chiropractic and doctors appointments yesterday so brought out the waiting room project again. I made quite good progress.

Tablet Carry Bag 
I decided to go with a change of font for the second side.

Trauma Teddy 
This is my usual Craft'n'Cuppa project and I will get to finish some soon. I have a bag of parts that I made previously that just need to be put together.

That's it from me for this week. Be sure to check out the links in the sidebar to see what other people have been working on.



  1. Great projects! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an excellent collection of projects. I like the two different fonts on the tablet bag.

  3. Oh, that baby blanket makes me sooo happy! And I adore the Tunisian spiral blanket too. I'm in a blanket mood lately.

  4. WOW, I think I'm a total Slacker! Love everyone of your wips. The butterfly is just fantastic... Hugs from Missouri, Kim

  5. hola ame Sht Butterfly Baby Jacket patron porfavor grcias