Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday FOs - 07.08.2015

I only managed to finish one object this week, a trauma teddy, and here it is.

Trauma Teddy #24 for 2015
I still need to get into my bag of unfinished teddies and get them done. I will get them done, eventually.

As usual, check out the links in the sidebar to see what other people have made.



  1. Wow you amaze me with all you do! Even when you haven't been able to do much you still get a trauma teddy made. Your an inspiration!

  2. Your teddy looks awesome and inspires me to try to make one on my loom! Super great job. Happy to find your post at Flash your Finishes Friday!

  3. Cute! Thanks for visiting and linking with Flash Your Finishes Friday!