Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Wednesday WIPs - 14.03.2018

I figured it was about time that I showed everybody some of the other things that I have been working on. Here are the WIPs that I have worked on this week.

Tunisian Spiral Blanket
I have spent some time waiting while a friend takes his driving test so this has been taken out of the bag. I have turned the last corner before I switch to black for a frame.

Shopping Bag with Pouch
This is the second of two shopping bags that I have been commissioned to make.

Beanie in Black and White (Collingwood Colours)
This is the first of two beanies that I have been commissioned to make.

Story Time Blanket
I have been making more progress on this in the last few weeks. I'm still quite a way off completing it.

That's it from me for now. If I remember I will post the finished objects from the last three weeks on Friday.

Until next time, have a good one.


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