Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Week That Was 08.12.2012

We come to the end of another busy week, with next week looking even busier, but that can wait until next week.

Monday saw me back in the gym. I'm still trying to get rid of some of the weight that I put on earlier. I'm not sure if I'm succeeding yet as I haven't  weighed myself for a while. Monday afternoon was the usual flake in front of the TV and try and get some crochet done while catching up with things that I had recorded. I generally fail at both because I tend to go to sleep.

Tuesday morning I went to the gym then spent most of the afternoon shopping so I didn't get my afternoon nap until quite late.

Wednesday was a quiet day, a bit more TV watching, a bit more crochet and a bit more trying to catch up with my emails.

Thursday morning I was back in the gym, then back in front of the TV in the afternoon. We had had our first carolling outing in the evening and we (the band and singers) were received quite well, everyone seemed to enjoy it.

After carolling, Sue and I did a bit of shopping. We've been thinking about getting ourselves a tablet. Aldi were advertising a 7" model for just under $100 but it was a very basic, low res unit that we didn't think was worth it, wo we decided to check out Dick Smith and Kmart. We ended up getting a couple of 10" model from Kmart for $199 each. They're not particularly great but I think they will do for a little while. I'm sure they will be adequate for what we want to do.

Friday was another quiet day with Choir practice in the afternoon and an outing for dinner with a group from church. Beechworth has a very nice Chinese restaurant and they serve a very nice banquet. A goo time was had by all.

Today was market day in Myrtleford. My stuff seems to sell quite well in Myrtleford but this does create a problem. I need to get busy and replenish my stock. I sold have my Christmas towels and more than half my normal towels, so now I need to get real busy so that I have some for next week. While I know next week is the last week that I will be setting up shop before Christmas I still needed to buy some more Christmas towels so that I would have some for next year. I usually bring mine out to sell before they become available in the shops so there won't be another chance to buy them before then. All in all, the last couple of trips to Myrtleford have been quite profitable.

Well, that's my week this week, I hope you all had a good one.


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