Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday 05.12.2012

Here at Rose Manor things are starting to wind down for Christmas. Crochet classes finished last Friday and Craft'n'Cuppa broke up for the year today. We also have some extra activities as we approach Christmas with carolling with the band and other Christmas break up parties. This doesn't mean that I have stopped crocheting for the year but it does mean that there may be less opportunity for me to work on some of my larger projects. If I spend an hour a day working on one project then I should be able to work on all my projects each week so hopefully progress won't stop.

Here are the projects that have seem some progress this week.

Charity Blanket
I decided to frog the last round and redo it in dc (us sc) as I didn't have enough yarn to do the scalloped edging. I do have another ball of green that is similar to the darker green used in this blanket and I'm going to use it to do a scalloped edging and hope that the colour isn't too much different or the different stitches hide the fact that it is different.

Toddler's Jacket - Zoom by Ellen Gormley (GoCrochet)
 Just a couple more rows have been added to this.

Box Stitch Baby Blanket
 And just one row to this.

AustralianaV2 Table Runner - designed by me
 Made good progress on this at Crochet Class on Friday.

Dragon #4 - Make Your Own Dragon Adventure by Tracy Trock (FreshStitches)
I was hoping to have this finished by now but just don't seen to be able to spend enough time on it. just need to sew on the feet, finish the decreases on the body, stuff it and close it up, so it should be finished for Friday. Somehow I've managed to attach things on this one so that nothing is centred, so it is going to be a little lop sided. Hopefully no one will really notice that anything is out of place.

There were 3 other projects that didn't get worked on and I'm going to have to moving if I want to make the last of my New Years resolutions. I resolved to finish the year with no more WIPs than what I started the year with and I currently have two too many. The dragon will be finished shortly but I'm going to have to finish at least one of the others before the end of the month if I'm to avoid breaking that resolution.

If you want to see what everyone else has been making, just check out the links in the sidebar.



  1. Oh, I love all your projects! LOvely blankets, nice jacket, super table runner with a great motief and a sweet dragon. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to have enough time next days for all you want! Greetings from Germany.

  2. OMG! I just love your Kangaroo/Ostrich table runner. It's so classic yet unexpected. A wonderful mix!

  3. Nice dragon! I usually finish the bodu and then attach the other pieces but it looks that you are doing pretty great.

    Here's my WIP:

  4. Pretty pink jacket.. and the Oz crochet is taking shape beautifully.. Your cruising Richard...:))
    have a great day ..