Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Week That Was 15.12.2012

Well, this week was pretty much like last week, busy.

On Monday we had the Community Centre Open Day, so I picked out a few items  and took them to the centre to show people what the Crochet Tutor can do. I got a lot of positive comments. I'm not sure if that will translate into students wanting to learn to do it for themselves, I'll just have to wait and see.

Also on Monday, as part of the open day, the Mirumbeena Melody Makers (of which I'm a member now) had their second singing engagement. I missed out on the first one as I was otherwise engaged, but we had a good little sing along and everyone there seemed to enjoy it.

On Tuesday afternoon we had another singing engagement, this time for the diabetics meeting, and again everyone seemed to enjoy our singing. For this one our leader mixed in some oldies along with a few Christmas carols and the things that we had been practising all year.

Thursday evening, Sue and I joined others from church to serenade shoppers at a local mall with a few more Christmas carols. There were a few complaints that the band were too loud and were making it difficult for the people in the coffee shops trying to hear peoples orders. Hopefully that won't prevent us from going back next year.

Yesterday was a blah day. We did very little all day. It was great.

Today was one of those days where almost everything we had planned was cancelled or otherwise affected by the weather. The original plan for today was that Sue would drop me off at the markets with all my goods and chattels so that I could sell a few things while she joined the band for the annual toy run after dropping off someone at a bar-b-cue fund raiser that we were running. Well, one look at the weather radar just when I was thinking of getting myself ready to go to the markets told me that the markets were a washout. This also put a dampener on the toy run as there was no where we could set up the band out of the weather.

While it was a very long and busy day at least two of the planned events were quite successful, in spite of the weather. The toy run went ahead without the band playing even though numbers were lower than hoped for. It still raised quite a bit of money and there were quite a few items donated for use by the church over the Christmas period. The Bar-b-cue was also successful, even if people did need to hang on to the canopy to stop it from flying away (not that the canopy was doing much to keep everything dry with the wind blowing the rain in for a large portion of the day).

I only have a couple of appointments next week and they are indoors so it doesn't matter how much rain falls or how windy it gets (so long as it doesn't blow the roof off) these things will be unaffected.

That's it for my week this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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  1. All the very best for your busy week Richard... :))