Friday, January 11, 2013

FO Friday 11.01.2013

Friday is here once more and we have three FOs to show off. I say "we" because, while two of these are made by me, I have another of Sue's FOs to show you. And here they are.

Pineapple Angel
This one was made to bring my stock levels back up again.

Big Feet The Cat 
 This little cutie only stands about 13cm (5") tall and didn't take long to make at all, although some bits were a little fiddly.

And now for Sue's FO for this week.

Baby's Beanie
Sue seems to be into making baby things at the moment. Don't read anything into that as she can't have any more and no one in the family is in the family way.

That make 3 FOs for me and 2 for Sue (not that we're in any sort of competition as it is well known that I will complete far more items than Sue, I'm just keeping count for the end of the year wrap up).

For more FOs, check out the links in the sidebar.



  1. Love the angel! The hat looks so soft.

  2. All your and Sue's projects are so nice. That angel is beautiful, but I love "Big Feet" he is so cute!!