Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Week That Was 05.01.2013

Week one of 2013 has been a somewhat uneventful but hot one. Yesterday, the temperature here hit the 40°C mark for the first time this summer and today was even hotter. We're not expecting things to cool down until sometime next week, although we did get quite a storm this afternoon.

I managed to get back into the gym this week, after having the week and a bit off for Christmas and New Years. I also climbed on the scales and have decided that I don't like the scales at the gym, I think they lie. They show that I've put on another 6kg since I last saw the doctor, and I thought all this exercise was supposed to help me lose weight.

I headed out to the Beechworth Gaol for a market this afternoon only to find that the market had been cancelled due to the heat. It seemed that a number of stall holders that had said they would attend had been in Beechworth for a farmers market and they decided to pull out in favour of taking their wares (potted plants) home to give them some water. In the end there were only about 6 of us willing to brave the heat so the organisers decided it wasn't worth it. Because I showed a willingness to go ahead in the adverse conditions they decided also to give me free entry into their next market at Easter.

So, it's been another week without sales, but I'm sure next Saturday's flea market won't be cancelled. It's early enough in the day not to be effected too much by heat and, in spite of the storm this afternoon, we're not expecting any rain for a little while.

That's it from me for this week. I hope you all had a good one.


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