Saturday, January 12, 2013

The week that was 12.01.2013

After a long day which started at about 5am (it's now 10pm) it's hard to look back and remember everything that has happened this week, but, apart from getting back into my regular gym schedule and working out a crafting regime that will see most if not all my major projects see progress each week, there have only been a couple of significant events.

Last Sunday, we said farewell to our officers and their children as they move on to a new posting. While they were with the corps for 3 years we only met them a little over 2 years ago as we didn't come to Albury until the end of 2010.

Today was market day at Myrtleford. While it wasn't my most successful day at the markets it was still quite significant, especially with other markets being cancelled due to rain or heat.

One person I talked to this week reminded me about how different we all are, especially our tolerance to temperature. Where she grew up, school was cancelled if the temperature rose above 29°C. If they did that here kids would only have to attend school 2 or 3 days during summer. On the other scale, I've heard that people in Qld start reach for jumpers (sweaters) when the temperature drops below 30. While we're sweltering through one of our hottest summers on record, others are enjoying (or enduring) snow. Isn't it a wonderful world?

The next few weeks are going to get busier and busier, with Craft'n'Cuppa starting back this week, the installation of our new officers next Sunday and Crochet Class and Choir starting back at the community centre next month. Somewhere in the business I need to make time to continue my school work in the hope that I could have most of it done before I actually make it back to class. We also have a holiday to plan for and start paying for once we get the money from my Super. Busy, busy busy, but I will always find time to crochet.


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