Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wednesday WIPs - 20.08.2014

When I went out to take photos of all my WIPs this afternoon I thought I had worked on all my projects this week but discovered that there was one that missed out, so it will have to be the first cab off the rank tomorrow. I also had a small problem when I went to crochet class on Friday. I forgot to take the project I wanted to work on so I had to work on something else instead.

Here are this week's WIP photos.

Tunisian Spiral Blanket
I hadn't intended to work on this this week but it was the only project I had in my bag at crochet class so I worked on it until I got to a point where I couldn't continue because I didn't have the colour I wanted to use next. I will have to make sure I have more colours available for the next time I get this out.

I then had the problem of what to do for the rest of the class so I started another new blanket.

Yarn Eater (Hungarian crochet) Blanket 
This was one of those future projects that I had listed on the to-do list but was going to happen next year or maybe the year after. I still have so many other things that I want to get done but I just didn't have the yarn available at the time.

Woollen Baby Blanket - motifs from Ellen Gormley's book
This was the project that I had intended to take with me on Friday. I still managed to add 4 hexagons to it so it is still on track.

Murray of Athol Tartan Rug
I am almost half way with the weaving of the chains and it is starting to look more like a tartan each week. Still plenty of work to be done.

Toddler's Jacket - Zoom by Ellen Gormley
The second sleeve is almost done. I might even be able to finish this before next Wednesday.

Baby's Jacket, Pants and Hat set
I managed to start on the pants this week. The first few rows are always a bit fiddly as I crochet over the hat elastic but I'm past that now so the rest should make up fairly quickly.

As usual, this isn't all that I have worked on this week. I have managed to finish a couple of items so you can check back on Friday to see them. In the mean time, check out the links in the sidebar to see what others have been making.



  1. Hi Richard... loving the colours you are using in your spiral blanket :))
    Do you find the yarn eater plays havoc with the wrist ??? I am making a jacket out of the same stitch but find only a couple of rows at a time is all I can do :((..But I love the way the pattern looks... Hope this week is finding you both well..
    Pat in tas :))

    1. I didn't have any problems doing that square but I wasn't doing it for very long. We shall see what happens as the square gets bigger.