Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednsday WIPs - 20.07.2016

It's that time of the week again, time to show what progress I have made. on my WIPs, and here they are.

Story Time Blanket
I haven't made as much progress on this as I would have liked. The only time I worked on it was Friday morning and I was busy with two new students so didn't spend a lot of time on it.

Moogly CAL 2016 Block #9
Another block complete but with a new block coming out on Friday it doesn't really feel like I'm catching up. I'm sure I will eventually but it seems to be taking so long.

Experimental Dishcloth side 1
Experimental Dishcloth side 2
This one is almost finished. I'm not sure if I will continue with this experiment once this is done. I think Ive learnt enough with this one.

That's it from me for now. I'm sure that I will be able to finish something for Friday so be sure to check back then to see if I have been successful. In the meantime, check out the links in the sidebar to see what other people have been working on.


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