Monday, January 1, 2018

Moday Mayhem - The year that was and plans for the new year

The Year in Review.

2017 was a little different for me. My posting schedule wasw thrown into disarray, mainly due to study commitments and memory issues (I kept forgetting).

My aims for 2017 were to lose 20kg and complete one trauma teddy each week but it seems that I wasn't particularly successful. I lost 5kg in the first few months but then put on a couple of kgs when I started walking regularly. I started the year at 131kg and fisnished at 129kg. A whole 2kgs lost. It's a start, I guess, but no where near the target.

The Trauma Teddies is a little confusing. I was sure that I had managed to make one each week, but checking the blog indicates that I only made 51. I think that, during the weeks that I didn't post, I must have missed one.

Checking through the posts I workd out that I had made 51 Trauma Teddies, 6 Shopping Bags, 6 Jug Covers and 5 Owls. It wasn't my most productive year but still pretty good.

The Year Ahead.

The plan for 2018 is to continue losing weight, continue making one Trauma Teddy (to be called Comfort Bears from here on) each week, to make at least one post to my blog each week (even is it is only an apology for not posting a WIP or FO post) and to be more proactive with my shop ( I'm also going to try and update my Facebook followers ( each week, including the special discount offer that I will be running all year.

I'm not going to set an actually kg target for this year. I will be happy if I can lose some weight. My overall target is to get down to 90kg.

That's about it for now, I hope you all had a good Christmas and I wish you all a safe and prosperous new year. I will try to get my to-do list updated for next week.


PS: I have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnoea and this may be affecting my memory. I still need to discuss this with my doctor to figure the best course of action.

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