Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wednesday WIPs - 03.01.2018

This being the first Wednesday of the year I thought I had better find all my UFOs and show where thay are all at. I found nine projects in various stages of completion, not incuding the Comfort Bear that I started today. Here they all are.

Large Jug Cover
I had hoped to have this one finished by now but that was not to be.

I have almost finished the last Heart. Once that is finished I will need to chose a pattern for the last four appliques. I'm thinking of an angel for the last four.

Tunisian Spiral Blanket
Just one more corner to negotiate, finish up the side then change to black for one more circuit and this will be done.

Corner-to-Corner Pixel Square.
Progress has been quite slow on this one since I have only been working on it at markets and I haven't been to many markets lately.

Double Knit Butterfly Blanket - side 1
Double Knit Butterfly Blanket - side 2
This is another that I only work on at markets so it hasn't seen a lot of progress either.

Story Time Blanket
This one is on hold until I finish the Appliques.

2016 CAL Blanket
I don't know why I haven't joined these yet. I will get around to it sometime this year.

Four Graduation Owls
These were still packed in a box until this afternoon. I didn't know which box they were in and it took a bit of searching to find them, but now that they're found, I will have to get them finished.

Hungarian Squares Blanket
I started this project just because I wanted to try Hungarian Crochet.

I have a lot of projects on the go and soon will have one more. One of my friends from church has asked me to knit him a beanie for which he has agreed to pay me $20. I probably cause myself a few problems but I never knock back a commision job.

I know this is quite a lot of projects to get finished but I'm sure I can get them done. Feel free to offer any words of encouragement you have to offer, they would be most appreciated.

That's it for now. I hope to have something finished for Friday, even if it is only a Comfort Bear.


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