Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday FOs - 13.04.2018

I have had  a reasonably productive week this week and have finished several items. Here they are in the order that they were finished.

Comfort Bear #15 for 2018
Another comfort bear finished.

Beanie in Collingwood Colours
The second of two beanies is finished. I don't think the person that commissioned me to make these will be expecting this one so early but I like to finish those things that I have been paid for as soon as possible.

Two Cup Teapot Cosy - Top view
Two Cup Teapot Cosy - side view.
When I checked my ToDo list I found that Teapot Cosies were at the top of the list and I had previously had a request for Two Cup Teapot Cosies so I figured that I would start with those.

Graduation Owl - Front View
Graduation Owl - Side view
I have had four of these waiting to be finished for quite a while now so it's probably about time I did something with them.

That's all I have for this week. I hope to have more finished for next week. Until next time, have a good one.


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