Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday FOs - 25.05.2018

After taking a photo of my finished objects last week I then forgot to post them so I have two weeks of finishes for you this week. This week I managed to finish 5 items thanks to time spent collecting for the Red Sheild Appeal. Here are all my finished objects for the last tow weeks.

Comfort Bear #20 for 2018
 Another sparky bear, this time the sparkles actually show up in the photo.

Beanie in Collingwood Colours

Beanie in Collingwood Colours dispayed on a head.

This is my third attempt at getting this beanie the right size.

That's last week's finished objects, now for this week's.

The first of three Plastic Bag Holders
The second of three Plastic Bag Holders
The third of three Plastic Bag Holders
These plastic bag holders may become obsolete in the next month or so as the big supermarkets phase out plastic bags but I figure I had sold a few and needed to replace them so I have.

Comfort Bear #21 for 2018
I have gone back to standard colour combinations for this week's comfort bear.

Dishcloth #2 side 1
Dishcloth #2 side 2
For the second dishcloth that I have made for Springdale Community Centre I have gone for a Crochetknit version which gives a double sided effect.

That's it for now, until next time, have a good one, and if you see someone collecting for charity, please give generously, especially if it's for the Salvation Army.


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