Sunday, August 21, 2011

Old Testament Characters - Haggar

The reading for this morning came from Genesis 16.

Hagar was the first surrogate mother, having been used by Sarai and Abram to give Abram the son he needed to fulfil God's promise, but God had other plans.

Hagar was somewhat immature and ran away when mistreated by Sarai, but God found her and convinced her to return to Sarai. He made a promise to Hagar and she praised Him.

Isaac and Ishmael were brothers but their descendants have been fighting each other throughout history. Sin doesn't just affect the people that sin and it's effects can last a long while.

God heard and saw Hagar when she was at her lowest and He met her where she was and gave her courage to do what she needed to do. If we need courage we can also trust God to meet us where we are.


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