Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday 31-08-2011

I haven't done as much unpacking as I should have but I have been busy with my hooks and pointy sticks. Here are the projects that have made some progress this week.

Crochenit Cot Blanket
I have added a few more rows but it still doesn't look much like a blanket.

Tunisian Crochet Mitred Square Blanket
Another 2 squares have been added to this one this week.

Dawg - back
My Hoody is making good progress, probably because it's my current "go to" project whenever I'm in waiting rooms and the like.

Knitted Scarf
This one hasn't seen a lot of progress lately but I did take it to craft group this afternoon and spent about an hour on it.

I'm thinking of frogging the Toddler's Jacket that I started a little while ago as I didn't realise that the balls of yarn I had chosen were only 50g each and not the 100g balls that I'm used to. I still need to unpack my stash to see if there is anything suitable in there that I can use although I think I have enough projects on the go at the moment.

If you want more WIP Wednesday goodness, just head on over to Tami's Amis.

I do have some finished objects this week so I will be back on Friday.



  1. The Tunisian st gets me in every time :))

  2. Looks blanket-ish to me! I love the way it's coming together!

  3. Your blanket is really awesome. I love crochetnit too!