Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday 10-08-2011

Hi All,

I've been quite busy this week, in spite of the pain. I have found that the pain (or at least my perception of it) decreases while I'm crocheting in front of the TV. Maybe it's just that I'm concentrating on other things that I don't notice the pain so much.

Anyhow, time to show off my progress this week.

I didn't have to teach anything at crochet class last Friday so I had plenty of time to work on my own projects, so I added another square to the tunisian blanket.

Tunisian Crochet Mitred Square Blanket
And I started another crochenit blanket.

Crochenit Baby Blanket
It doesn't look much yet as I've only done the first row.

I met up with another NEVYL (North East Victoria Yarn Lovers) at Spotlight on Saturday for our monthly knit along and decided to start another Toddler's Jacket.

Toddler's Jacket
My main take anywhere project at the moment is my hoodie.

Hoodie for me
If it doesn't look like I've made much progress on this it's because I frogged it and restarted it. When I measured my first attempt it was too small and I needed to add about 20 stitches to bring it up to size. The pattern is called "Dawg" and is written by the Crochet Dude himself (Drew Emborsky).

I've been packing up the yarn ready for moving next week so the only the projects that have yarn allocated to them get worked on this week, and since I finished the Panda I was working on I decided that it was time to do a bit more on the tartan rug.

Rose Clan Dress Tartan Rug
Due to the move which is happening next Wednesday, there will be no WIP Wednesday post from me next week. We're actually going to be without internet for a few days next week so I wouldn't be able to post one anyway.

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  1. Wow! You have a lot of projects. I particularly love the Tartan Rug and the Tunisian Blanket.

  2. Wow, I think you might have more WIPs going on at once than I do!

  3. So many projects! Good luck with the move :)

  4. Whoah, that's a lot of progress!

    No Internet!! *gasp* Horror!! Hang in there...but I'm sure there will be a more-than-double large WIP Wednesday post once you're back. Good luck with the move.

  5. Knitting and crocheting are known to help with pain management. Look at for more information. My knitting keeps me sane(r)!

  6. I really like your Tunisian blanket! Looks very complicated. You have so many projects going! I usually try to keep to two at a time or I'd never get anything done. I hope your move goes very smoothly!

  7. No internet, oh no! I'd go crazy. Crafting does take your mind of things, I find.

    I really like the way the colours are working up in the Tunisian blanket!

  8. Needlework can take my mind off my chronic pain issues unless it's a pervasive pain day. Music helps too, especially hypnotic type music. Hope your feeling better soon.

    You have an interesting array of projects you're working on.

  9. I love your Tunisian mitred square blanket.