Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Week That Was 06-08-2011

Well, the results are back and it seems that I have an inflammation in the shoulder joint. The doctor told me not to put much stress on and gave me a script for anti-inflammatories. It seems that there isn't much else that can be done for it so this is just another pain that I will have to endure for the rest of my life.

On the crafting side, I started another 2 projects this week (yeah, I know, 5 projects should be more that enough), another tunisian crochet toddlers jacket (because I want more than one for the stall) and another crochenit blanket (a baby blanket that I wanted to experiment with). I probably shouldn't keep starting projects like this as it means the ones already on the go are going to take longer to complete.

Sue and I also went back to the gym this week. Sue needs to keep things moving so is doing a few simple exercises to keep her knees bending. I've cut down my routine to avoid anything that is likely to stress my shoulder. I figure I will give it a couple of weeks then ease back into the other exercises with reduced weights. I will have to wait and see how that goes. I have a weigh in next week also so I will be able to discuss strategies with the trainer then.

There was supposed to be a bit of a meet up at Spotlight today but only 2 of us turned up so I think we will can that one for the future. It seems that Albury is too far for some to travel, either that or they are too busy doing other things on Saturdays.

Well, that's been my week this week, hope you all had a good one.


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