Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tell Your Story

Today's reading came from 1 John 1:1-19

A lot of people have trouble believing in thing they cannot see. Even those that witnessed Jesus had trouble believing in Him so it should come as no surprise that people today have the same problem.

A woman that lost 50kg advertised her clothes for sale. She got a lot of calls but no-one wanted to buy her clothes, they were more interested in how she lost the weight. Just like those callers, non-believers want to know what works, they are interested in the changes that have been made in your life. We need to show them that Jesus works.

A little girl wanted to know a few things about the Sunday school lesson she had just heard and asked her mother "Is God really bigger than all of us?" "Yes" was the reply. "Is God really inside us?" Again the reply was "yes". "So if God is bigger than us and He is inside us, shouldn't He show through?" God will show through if we let Him!


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  1. Sorry to offend you, was not done intentionally. May I will Welcome all!!!!! Loved your reading. ☺Robin