Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leave everything and follow Jesus

The reading this morning came from Luke 5:1-11

In a song that Bette Midler made popular a while ago she sings that "God is watching us from a distance". This seems to be the type of God that people like, one that accepts us just the way we are no matter what, protects and provides without interfering, and does it all from a distance.

When Simon (Peter) caught all those fish his reaction was to ask Jesus to leave him because he was unworthy, and probably because he knew what was coming next - leave everything and follow Him ("from now on you will fish for people").

When we have plenty we rarely think of praying to God, but when we are in need, we are quick to ask for help. We only want Jesus when we needs our "nets" filled, but it's when our "nets" are full that He really wants us to follow Him.

Is your God watching you from a distance or is He right by your side? I know where I would prefer Him to be!


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