Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Week That Was 07-01-2012

The first week of the new year and what a week it has been.

Apart from the usual aqua and gym workouts, that have been somewhat interrupted by the public holidays (the gym shortened it's hours for the Monday public holidays and only ran 2 aqua classes the last couple of weeks), we've still managed to stay quite busy with our craft and we also joined a bowling league.

The bowling on Wednesday night was quite successful considering the amount of time it has been since we last bowled in a league. I managed to bowl a credible 503 3 game series which is slightly higher than my average when I stopped bowling about 16 months ago. Sue was well below her old average but she still has to get used to bowling with 2 new knees (6 months today since the op).

Today we had a church outing to a berry farm, one of these places where you pay to go and pick your own berries, and I ended somewhat sunburnt. Before anybody berates me for not wearing sunscreen I should let you know that it takes me longer to get over the effects of sunscreen (a nasty rash that takes about 3 weeks with heavy duty antihistamine cream to get rid of) than it does to get over sunburn (about a week). I have tried a few different sunscreens but haven't found any yet that don't have this effect. Maybe next time I'll wear long sleeves as it was only my arms that got affected (I was sensible enough to wear a hat). Sue didn't collect any berries as she is allergic but I managed to get a little less than a kilo (a mixture of brambleberries and raspberries) so will be having them with my cherries for desert the next couple of weeks.

After picking berries we took the emergency services trailer to a nice picnic spot and bar-b-cued up some sausages for lunch before heading home for an afternoon snooze. This isn't a misuse of the trailer, we need to keep using it to make sure we need to keep some familiarity with. There would be no point in having it if we didn't know how to use it.

That's it from me.


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