Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday - Tunisian Short Rows Octagonal Dishcloth #2

This is the third and final tutorial in this series.

I found that, with the first octagonal dishcloth, when I finished the last segment the yarn was in the wrong place to just go straight onto the border, so I decided to experiment with doing the short rows in the return pass, and this is what I came up with.

Using 4 ply cotton, I started with 25 chain.

Starting chain.
Then picked up all stitches along the chain.

All stitches picked up.
I then worked the return pass for 1 stitch (yo, pull thru 1 loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops).

One stitch worked back
I then did a tss in the last stitch.

tss in last stitch.
On the next return pass I worked off 2 stitches (yo, pull thru 1 loop, (yo, pull thru 2 loops) twice).

2 stitches worked off
tss in those 2 stitches.

All stitches back on hook
I kept increasing the number of stitches worked off with each row until all had been worked off.

First segment after 10 rows

First segment after all stitches had been worked off.
Then I worked tss in all stitches and started the process again.

tss in all stitches

yo, pull thru 1 loop, yo, pull thru 2 loops

tss in last stitch
yo, pull thru 1 loop, (yo, pull thru 2 loops ) twice

tss in last 2 stitches
And again I continued until all stitches had been worked off.

2nd segment complete and tss in all stitches
I continued in this manner for another 6 segments.

All 8 segments complete
I then slip stitched along the last row. I probably could have joined the last segment to the first at this stage but I wasn't sure how neat a join it would make.

After slip stitch along last row.
The yarn is now in the right place to do the border so I just kept going with a dc (US sc) in t the end of each row, cut the yarn leaving a tail long enough to sew up the seam, sewed up the seam and darned in the ends.

Completed dishcloth
I'm not sure that the joins between the segments or the edge look as nice on this version as they do on the first, but there are less ends to sew in.

There is at least one more version of the short rows that I could do (decreasing the number of stitches worked off in the return pass) but I'll leave it up to others to experiment with that.

As usual, any bouquets, brickbat or other comments would be most welcome.

If there is anything else you think I could show you, just let me know and I'll think about it, although I might wait until I get a better camera for taking close up shots.


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