Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Week That Was 07-04-2012

This week has been another busy one with the last week of term one at college and all the Easter happenings to prepare for.

For college, I had to make sure I had all my projects up to date and handed in as well as an Access assessment on Wednesday.

Thursday evening the church was set up for special prayers so there was no band practice. Friday morning was our Good Friday services followed by the Stations of the Cross.

Today we went to Bunnings to help on the barbecue, which Bunnings so generously make available for fund raising, after which I had about half an hour before I had to get ready to head off to Beechworth for a night market.

The night market proved to be quite profitable although it wasn't particular productive. It's very had to crochet when the only light available is the street lights. With the sales that I made tonight I will need to make up some more towels, another teapot cosy and a bookmark, so expect to see those items show up on FO Fridays over the next few weeks.

That's it for this week, hope you all had a good one.


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