Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Week That Was 28.04.2012

The end of another busy week has arrived and it's time to look back at what I've been doing this week.

I was back at college this week after a 2 week holiday. This week we started on our environmental sustainability project (what I was supposed to work on while on holiday), learnt how to create special banners in Photoshop (check out my new banner), learnt how to create buttons in Flash and did some more work on my website. We're supposed to start creating the documentation for the website now which is something that I'm not particularly good at.

We had the day off on Wednesday because of ANZAC Day, the day when we stop and remember the battles fought by our brave soldiers. A day which we used to catch up on some housework.

Yesterday we drove up to Darlington Point where we visited the grave of Sue's parents and younger brother, after which, we met up with some of her friends, had lunch and did a bit of exploring in the area. It was quite a pleasant trip, even if there was a sombre aspect to it.

This morning I headed down to Benalla to see if I could see if I could sell any of my wares. I couldn't sell anything, and only one person showed any interest in Tommy so he's still available if any wants to buy him (he will be listed in my shop shortly). Since this market costs so much to attend (about $50 when you include petrol and other expenses) and the lack of sales ($30 in 3 months) I've decided that I'm going to call it quits until September. Basically, I'm not willing to spend $50 per month to watch people walk past my stall in freezing cold weather.

That's it from me for this week. Thanks to all for the lovely comments on my WIP Wednesday and FO Friday posts. Hope you all had a good week.


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  1. Your new banner looks excellent - congratulations !! Shame about the markets - also a shame people don't appreciate the time and effort put into making such lovely items. I think Tommy is very cute.