Friday, July 6, 2012

FO Friday 06.07.2012

It's Friday again and I have managed to make something again this week and here it is.

Bottle Cosy - Navy Blue
This is done for a Carlton Football Club supporter so don't blame me for the boring colours. I could have probably put the logo on it but that would have taken so much time and effort and I'm not sure whether the person that asked for this would pay double the price of the standard cosy.

I'm linking up with quite a few people these days so I've put the links in the sidebar. I may have to do a redesign and add another sidebar so that I can add a few more links but that can wait a little while.



  1. I really meant to knit some bottle kozies for the 4H kids but the Tour de Fleece has ruled my life. Yours look great.

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