Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday 18.07.2012

We've come to the middle of another busy week. I've mainly been concentrating on one item this week, with a view to getting it finished, which I did last night, so today I played hooky from college to go to Craft and Cuppa and worked on a couple of other projects. Here is this week's progress shots.

Platypus - by Planetjune
 I know, all these unfinished items and I go and start another. Well, I sold the koala so quickly, and I've had a few people interested in the platypus, so I decided to get started on it.

Segment 5 of Daffodil Teacloth
 I'm up to the decrease stage of this segment so I will be joining it to the others soon.

Crochenit Cot Blanket
 I decided that the green that I was adding wasn't really suitable for this as it was the wrong thickness and since I found a new green that was the right thickness I thought I should use it instead. It's a bit brighter than the other coulours that I've used but I'm hoping it will be OK.

Toddler's Jacket - Zoom by Ellen Gormley
I kinda upset the colour pooling on this by adding a new ball of yarn with matching up the colour with where the old ball left off, but I'm sure that won't make too much difference.

Hopefully I'll get to work on the other WIPs soon. I still have to order more wool for my hoodie, and there's still plenty to do on the tartan. I'll see what I can get done before next Wednesday.

I will be linking up with the usual people again this week. Just check the sidebar for the links is you want to check out what other people have been doing this week.



  1. The toddler jacket looks great..I can't see the colour change..

  2. Wow fantastic WIPs, can't wait to see what the platypus looks like :-)