Friday, August 17, 2012

FO Friday 17.08.2012

Friday is here again and it's time for another big reveal. Those of you that have been following my WIP Wednesday post will probably already know what it is as it's something I've been working on for quite a while.

Daffodil Teacloth
It currently measures approximately 90cm (3') across but still needs to be washed and blocked so may finish up a little bigger.

Checkout the links in the sidebar if you want to see what everyone else has been making.

I don't expect to have anything finished for next week, and even if I do I doubt if I will have time to take photos as we will be busy packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning.



  1. This is simply stunning! Well done for finishing a master piece! and good luck with the move :)

  2. What a beautiful piece! I actually have that pattern. With it 3 feet across, what size thread and hook did you use? It's an heirloom!!!

    1. #40 crochet cotton and 1mm hook. I'm definitely in no hurry to do another.

  3. The teacloth is gorgeous! I admire your patience to do this work. Hope your move goes well.

  4. Masterpiece..I've been following your WIP's and seeing the finish is great.

  5. Wow, Richard, that is really beautiful. What an accomplishment! Congratulations!!!

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