Friday, March 8, 2013

FO Friday 08.03.2013

Well, it's Friday, so that means it's time to show off my latest finished object. Object #9 for 2013 is one that has been on my hook for quite a while. My Ravelry project page shows that I started this one on 20 July 2011, which means that it took just over 20 months to complete. Here it is.

Hoodie for me - Dawg by Drew Emborsky (The Crochet Dude)
One of the reasons this took me so long was that I ran out of wool and had to order another couple of balls. It's quite a heavy jumper with almost 2kg of wool in it so I'm hoping that it will keep me very warm when I finally get to wear it (which won't be until next year as I intend showing it at the end of October).

I'm still working on a project that I started before this one and I'm hoping to be able to show it off within the next couple of weeks. If I do finish it before the 21st it will have taken just under two years to make.

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  1. Jumper looks fantastic. It looks like it will be really warm.

  2. A feeling of achievement when a big project is completed.. :))
    Looks like it will be comfy and warm..:))
    Have a great weekend ..

  3. Congratulations on finishing a major project! We expect an "action shot" once it's cool enough to wear it! =)